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vhrplive-brian-lee-boyce-iconMusical Theater Promotion

Art Is Calling For Me

I met the founder of the Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE! and discovered a rich reservoir of American musical history by the name of Victor Herbert to whom the production company is uniquely and completely devoted. I created the assets and am marketing their inaugural season.

“Every professional recording artist today owes their livelihood to some degree to Victor Herbert.” — IMDb

Digital Branding Art Assets

vhrplive-mobile-phone-skyscraper1SmartPhone Friendly Flyer

I created, in essence, a skyscraper-format banner for the cast and company to share the event with their social media followers. The design of this piece is derived from the season brochure, which I designed to be circulated to the company’s traditional mailing list.

vhrp-live-email-brochure-thru-nov-20Email flyer for sharing with contacts

In order to reach out to community groups who fit the companies demographic profile, a printable single sheet with the season graphics and how to buy tickets information was created to be emailed, printed out, and posted on community bulletin boards.

vhrp-season1-brochure1-draft9-vistaprint-outsidevhrp-season1-brochure1-draft9-vistaprint-insideSelf Mailer For VHRP LIVE!

Taking the traditional direction as a point of departure, I designed a three panel, 8.5″ x 11″ brochure that included all the elements the season would need. A microcosmic view of the branding I envisioned for this company began by building on a very specific set of features such as an ornate display typeface with eccentric characteristics, and a particular editorial tone that need to convey a historical quality that needed to avoid a dated expression.

vhrplive-home-pageHome Page for

Taking the companies existing WordPress site as a given, I adapted the season graphics to work in the pre-existing constraints of the home page, adding detail from the season brochure to begin creating a unified branding experience for their audience’s developing perception and understanding of the company’s origin, goals, and direction.

Facebook Page for

With the composer to whom the company is devoted being less popular now than in 1914, it made sense to market the season’s first event by sharing via social media platforms who’s who in the cast and giving however brief biographical information to be followed up in the near future with footage and still photography of the event.

Instagram Account for vhrplive

Social media is arranged to present a cohesive description of the brand regardless of the platform (or platforms) a given user may prefer. While the production being promoted was yet to occur it was possible to project to the audience a description of the performers who were set to take the stage.

twitter-vhrpliveTwitter Feed for vhrplive

While #Operetta may be a surprising hashtag trend on Twitter, there is a population for everything!

chimpmail-vhrpliveChimpmail campaign for VHRP LIVE!

An email marketing campaign took the original seasonal graphics and identity assets and translated them into promotional messaging using the graphic user interface provided by Chimpmail.


The silhouette icons are a strategy I devised to work around a lack of photography since this company is formed this year and has yet to accumulate a library of imagery to work with. Silhouettes are a graphic idiom I feel personally attracted to because of their powerfully pragmatic usefulness. They allow for an endless variety of application and will serve the company as a consistent stylist feature in all branding in the future.

Art Is Calling For Me
Silhouette and Typography
Cyrano de Bergerac
Silhouette and Typography
Naughty Marietta
Silhouette and Typography
Victor Herbert Renaissance Project Live
Silhouette and Typography

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