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small-victory-press-105x150-brianleeboyceSocial Media Strategies

Content Creation and Design

I founded a social media “boutique” called Small Victory Press that provides online visibility and social media services for fashion and beauty industry clients with engaging content yielding followers, mentions, likes, retweets, favorites, and comments from fans, bloggers, other brands.

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Creating Content That Works

see-me-take-overStrategy #1: Content ABOUT Clients

Small Victory Press creates content for clients, mentions them on social media at live events in real time, and engages with fellow followers using @’s and #’s. Clients benefit from online mentions in messages containing #trending topics.

fashtech-rachel-comey-tweetStrategy #2: Content FOR Clients

In addition to posting about clients from its own account, Small Victory Press provides the service of posting messages custom-created FOR them from WITHIN their accounts, often at live events in real time when they’re working their magic with no time to Tweet.

Strategy #3: MODULAR Content

One app does not fit all. Social media usage varies by demographic, geographic, sociographic, and econographics. Creating modular content across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube means engineering expandable branding with customizable, yet consistent content.

Strategy #4: Content CALENDARS

Social media is planned and published according to editorial calendars— a series of posts and content created ahead of time and programmed to hit precisely when it matters most and yields the greatest impact.

blair-waldorfStrategy #5: ROI-RICH Content

Social media hits a sweet spot when it yields a measurable return easily measured by followers, likes, retweets, favorites, comments, subscriptions, and purchases.

Contact a consultation.

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