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2nd-Annual-Women-Fashion-FilmFest-Red-Carpet-105x150Social Media Sponsorship
Women And Fashion Film Festival

2014: My company Small Victory Press sponsored the social media component of the Women And Fashion Film Festival in New York City in June 2014. In three weeks I increased their social media following 300% with editorial, graphics, and publishing across multiple social media channels.

aol-video-womenfashfilmWomen and Fashion FilmFest Red Carpet Launch

The opening party – Red Carpet event of the second annual “Women Fashion Film Festival” in NYC, brought out the who’s who in fashion, film and media, in support of the organization and its mission…. Watch the video on AOL

womenfashfilm-twitter-timeline-small-victory-press-social-mediaAwakening @WomenFashFilm On Twitter

A unique festival/conference uniting fashion, entertainment & media to examine impact on women, to foster social responsibility & to honor outstanding leaders.

Reviving The Relevance of @WomenFashFilm

The channel had been dormant since 2013 and needed to revive with relevant content! I created an editorial blend of content and dialogue to infuse @WomenFashFilm with a fresh crop of posts bringing traffic from festival sponsors to revive the existing audience and convert new followers.

wff-twitter-socail-reach@WomenFashFilm Grows 300%

By sharing what the festival is about and who was participating in the events on the schedule, @WomenFashFilm could unite speakers and presenters with the population the festival is meant to serve.

sara-ziff-tweetOutside Influencers #ChimeIn Too!

Outside parties posted to interact presenters and speakers and help promote the festival to their own audiences by tweeting directly, by replying or by retweeting, which engages their own followers and adds value to their own channels by bringing the festival to their attention.

claudia-mason-red-carpetCalling All Glamazons!

Presenters, panelists, and moderators participated by creating their own social media content and post photos and messages of their own.

womenfashfilm-on-now-up-next-tomorrowScheduling Social Media on Tweetdeck

I created an extensive social media editorial publishing calendar and pre-programmed it with TWEETDECK. It’s an app for customizing timelines for multiple accounts from one account. Composing and scheduling in advance allows engaging in real time.

wff-twitter-today@WomenFashFilm Today

Today @WomenFashFilm is a dynamic forum and continues to serve the event by maintaining momentum, serving as a forum for attendees and participants to continue their interaction, which enhances the value of the festival and drives interest for sponsors, supporters, presenters, speakers, and attendees towards the next rendition of the festival in 2015.

brian-lee-boyce-catherine-schreiberHope To See You Next Year

I am proud to have had the privilege of sponsoring @WomenFashFilm by providing social media services and look forward to the opportunity to work with the festival next year in 2015.

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