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Animated Simulation of Mobile Device

This is an After Effects project I built for a 15 second simulation of a phone call being made for a television or film production.

Cyrano de Bergerac Motion Graphics

I directed, designed, animated, edited, and shot this promotional video for the Victor Herbert Renaissance Live performance of Cyrano de Bergerac in 2015.

Carrie Costumes Confidential Videos

2013–2014: I directed, videoed, and edited a series of 12 videos for the CW Network’s social media content feed. “The Carrie Diaries” costume designer Eric Daman gives Facebook fans fun, behind-the-scenes #fashion411 from inside the show’s wardrobe closet and showcases key looks from season two.

TAP-INVITE-1-animate3Rooftop Garden Fashion Runway

2014: I designed a minimally animated save-the-date invitation to be used on Instagram by the fashion designer Terry-Ann Phillips.

L.Raphael Beauty Tram Video

2011: I designed a 40 second marketing video for viewing on video screens inside the interior of a tram that was wrapped in the beauty branding graphics I created for L.Raphael’s out-of-home marketing and branding campaign that ran through Geneva, Switzerland.

Motion Graphic Type Transition

2011: I designed this prototype for a series of typographic sequences meant for a costume designer’s video sizzle reel and portfolio presentation.

Animated Storyboard for Product Promotion

2011: I animated this video from a storyboard I created for a video/print manufacturer who commissioned me to conceptualize, write, and illustrate a short video for use in marketing the product.

High Heel Roller Skate Animation

2010: I animated this high heel roller skate themed birthday card as fun surprise birthday greeting for a friend who has it all.

Still Life with Butter

To relax and unwind I like to make drawings on my iPad and play them back as short animations like this still life with a butter dish.

Dunkin Donuts

A 7 second promotional clip for Dunkin Donuts Coffee.

Essential Commerce

A brief animated logo sequence for Essential Commerce.

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