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This is a 15 second After Effects composition I created to simulate a phone call for TV and film.








What did Chuck do? compWhat did Chuck do?

Chuck tune in









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vhrplive-brian-lee-boyce-iconMusical Theater Promotion

Art Is Calling For Me

I met the founder of the Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE! and discovered a rich reservoir of American musical history by the name of Victor Herbert to whom the production company is uniquely and completely devoted. I created the assets and am marketing their inaugural season.

small-victory-press-105x150-brianleeboyceSocial media strategies
Content Creation And Design

2014: I founded a social media “boutique” called Small Victory Press that provides online visibility and social media services for fashion and beauty industry clients with engaging content yielding followers, mentions, likes, retweets, favorites, and comments from fans, bloggers, other brands.

carrie-costumes-confidential-video-series-105x150Facebook social media marketing
Video Series for “The Carrie Diaries”

2013–2014: I directed, filmed, and edited a series of 12 videos for the CW’s social media content feed. Eric Daman, costume designer, gives “The Carrie Dairies” fans fun, behind-the-scenes fashion facts and id’s key pieces from the show’s wardrobe closet for each week’s episode throughout the second season.

nycshoefactory-brianleeboyce-creative-directionWebsite, social media, print
Pop-Up Designer Shoe Sale, NYC

2014: I designed the branding, marketing, print advertising, website and social media to promote this unique factory-direct pop-up sale for a footwear designer in Manhattan’s garment district. I also designed the attire for the street flyer distribution team and a floor plan for the retail merchandise display.

brian-lee-boyce-lraphael-tram-wrap-105x150Tram wrap and video
L.Raphael Beauty Train, Geneva

2011: I designed a 40 second marketing video for viewing on video screens inside the interior of a tram that was wrapped in the design I created to market the beauty brand L.Raphael in an out-of-home marketing and branding campaign that ran through Geneva, Switzerland.

itkit-105x150Advertising design
Avon Beauty Product Promotion

2011: Designs and mockups for sales and promotional materials for Avon’s meet sales representatives to be able to promote trends to love, sell new and market-proven products at unbeatable prices. The highlight was an adjustable compact with moving parts, and replaceable colors for makeup mastery.

styleitspringE-commerce fashion micro-site

2011: Style It Spring: How To Wear The Season’s New Trends! Welcome to a new season, new trends and stylish new ways to work your wardrobe. With a little help from our fabulous series of emails, you’re going to be the most fabulous best dressed person ever!

star-diamond-collection-catalogLuxury publication design
Star Diamond Collection Directory

2010: The America Academy of Hospitality Sciences (AAHS) is an establishment of reviewers specializing in the reviewing of hotels, resorts, spas, airlines, cruise lines, automobiles, products, restaurants and chefs. It is most notably known for its reviews on the hotels, resorts, and travel industries.

brianleeboyce_lux_hosp_cov_2Luxury publication design
Star Diamond World Magazine

2010: A lavish world awaits within the pages of Star Diamond World Magazine, the periodical highlighting premiere travel and related services among the luxury hospitality industry’s most esteemed and highly honored providers of luxury travel, accommodations, and cuisine from around the globe.

Chuck tune inRetail window display
Matthew Williamson Tune-In Pop-Up

2010: As a pop-up season premiere promotion for ‘Gossip Girl,’ a themed display was designed and installed in the window of Matthew Williamson’s New York City boutique; featuring the designer’s dress Blair Waldorf wears in a dream sequence on the hit tv show with a fashion cult following.

brian-boyce-tina-tandon-lookbook-thumbnail-105x150Look book for a fashion designer
Tina Tandon Spring 2010

2009: I designed a 20 page lookbook for Tina Tandon’s Poshpari brand collection marketing the fashion designer’s Spring 2010 product line of dresses, blouses, tunics, tops, pants, shorts, and skirts from a set of photos provided by the clothing designer’s photographer and I had to “make it work.”

bendels-gossip-girl-window-display-105x150Retail window display
Henri Bendels Gossip Girl Windows

2008: Window display designed with Eric Daman in a collaboration with Henri Bendel in celebration of the success of the Gossip Girl. The window featured New York City skyline in the backdrop and the costume designer dressed the mannequins according to the show’s principle characters.

charlotterusseWebsite, social media, print
Costume Designer Eric Daman

2008–2014: I designed showcasing the Emmy award winning costume designers work in costume design, fashion and style, and in the media; I manage his social media, and designed “You Know You Want It: Style-Inspiration-Confidence,” Daman’s style guide.

brian-lee-boyce-public-theater-graphic-design-105x150Advertising and marketing design
The Public Theater

1994-1997: The Public is dedicated to embracing the complexities of contemporary society and nurturing both artists and audiences, as it continues Joseph Papp’s legacy of creating a place of inclusion and a forum for ideas. Comprising five theater venues, Joe’s Pub, and Shakespeare in Central Park.

brian-lee-boyce-jodie-foster-poster_105x150Advertising and marketing design
Walker Art Center

1990-1991: The Walker Art Center is a contemporary art center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. The Walker is considered one of the nation’s “big five” museums. The Visual Arts program is a mix of contemporary, historical, group, monographic, thematic, and media-specific shows.

dontapologize-105x150Accessories presentation
Don’t Apologize. Accessorize!

2013: I collaborated with jewelry designer Eric Daman on this presentation for an accessories collection proposal with a unique fashion-forward point of view for a television shopping network. I provided art direction, trend research, image research, design, and copywriting.

trend-research-105x150Research presentation
Fashion Retail Trend Report

2012: I collaborated on this report with a fashion expert commissioned by a major fashion retailer seeking trend research and style analysis of contemporary mass-market menswear and womenswear. I provided art direction, trend research, image research, design, and copywriting.

cd-early-80s-fashion-trends-thumbnail-105x150Costume design presentation
Inspiration for “The Carrie Diaries”

2012–2013: I illustrated, designed, and wrote this cover as an homage to Interview Magazine’s covers from the 80’s. It was created as a cover image for “The Carrie Diaries” costume designer Eric Daman’s inspiration for designing looks for characters in the CW Network’s “Sex And The City” prequel.

cd-80s-fashion-trend-board-2Early ’80s trends in fashion
Presentation for “The Carrie Diaries”

2012–2013: I designed this set of boards, provided trend research, image research, image and text editing for this presentation, which was created to provide an accurate historical context for “The Carrie Diaries” costume designer’s creative inspiration for the series.

small-victory-press-105x150-brianleeboyceSOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES

Small Victory Press, Inc.

Small Victory Press, Inc. was founded to provide clients strong online visibility and rewarding social media activity with sep services, create content that gets business, followers, mentions, likes, retweets, favorites, and comments from consumers, followers, fans, bloggers, and other businesses.



The Women & Fashion FilmFest needed a coal media “refresh” in June 2014. Small Victory Press revived their social media with pro-bono messaging, buss building and liver coverage— resulting in a 300% increase for the festival’s social media in only three weeks.


Pop-Up Shoe Sale

A unique pop-up designer shoe sale event in Manhattan’s garment district required Small Victory Press’s graphic and web design services for branding, print advertising, street flyer distribution team attire, retail display design, outdoor signage, and cross platform social media services.


Facebook Video Series

For the CW’s social media feed, Small Victory Press directed, filmed, and edited a series of 12 videos in which Eric Daman, costume designer for “The Carrie Diaries” gives fans fans fun, behind-the-scenes #fashion411 and id’s key looks from the show’s wardrobe closet for episodes during the tv season.


Fly Productions Creative

Internet visibility depends on the use of multiple social media platforms combined such as a blend of Squarespace, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube together. Small Victory Press manages branding content consistently across a network of apps and creates a connected social media chain.


Eric Daman Style

Emmy-awarded costume designer Eric Daman is also a fashion designer, brand ambassador, and celebrity stylist. Small Victory Press created a full package of social media platforms for his brand: a website and blog, with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Weibo channels.