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Finished work, exploratory concepts, inspirational motifs...

Eric’s mantras are inspired by Stephen Sprouse’s graffiti style

An alternate cover comp.

A contact sheet illustrates a chapter opener.

Intended for the introduction this appeared online in Vogue Italia.

Erica Baum’s “Goldie,” from the Eric’s private collection.

The abstract fashion connection inspired us.

The mantras throughout give a graphic downtown feel.

John Rawlings exemplifies a captivating simple studio shot.

A sunglasses comp for a “Frame Your Face” concept.

Accessories lend the book a strong commercial editorial edge.

Crystal jewelry in the book appears courtesy of Swarovski.

Inspiration with a powerful silhouette by Richard Avedon.

John Rawlings obscured the model offered direction.

So we could keep the book’s focus on the fashion.

George Platt Lynes was another inspiration for anonymous style.

Rawlings’ colors are a timeless classic.

A still life with props from Eclectic Encore precedes the five muses.

Early comps combined Derek Marks’ illustrations

More early comps illustrate “The Muses.”

The book’s “Romantic Muse.” principal photography by Bumper.

Final selections from the “Eclectic Muse.”

More wildly simple and powerful inspiration from Rawlings.

The “Natural Muse” reinvented from final selections.

Preliminary comps illustrate the basics of a solid wardrobe.

Dress forms utilized by Brunello Cucinelli served as excellent stand-ins.

Which reassured the editors that dress forms could be sexy.

Skirts, pants, and tops were amplified by a series of spreads.

Basic info (where is my mid-calf?) was included in the final.

85% of American women buy the wrong size bra.

Bernard Maisner inspired the art direction of a key illustration.

Which first appeared here in concept form…

…and finally appears here in Derek Marks’ final.

Concept comp designed for a preliminary presentation.

Fabrics by Roberto CavalliRalph Lauren became illustrations.

Each seasons was inspiring, like a Victorian pageant.

Their colors appear in montage as in this comp.

The shades and tints of winter complement the other spreads.

Title treatment for the original concept presentation.


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