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nycshoefactory-brianleeboyce-113x160Website, social media, print
Designer Shoe Pop-Up Sale

2014: I managed the social media promotion for unique pop-up designer shoe sale in Manhattan’s garment district. I also designed designed the branding, marketing, print advertising, website and the attire for the street flyer distribution team and a floor plan for the retail merchandise display.

nyc-shoe-factory-ipad-web-designResponsive web page design for iPad portrait orientation

nycshoefactory-webpage-designResponsive web page design for desktop landscape orientation

adoni-email-flyer-postcardPostcard design

square-banner-adSquare banner design

onlinepressimage550x821Flyer Design

long-banner-adLong banner design

nyc-shoe-factory-direct-ticket-6x2-frontTicket design front

nycshoefactory-villagevoice-halfpage_mechVillage Voice advertisement deisgn

nyc-shoe-factory-direct-ticket-6x2-backTicket design back

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